Time to take action!

Time to take action!

Time to take action!Time to take action!Time to take action!

Contact your county board member and let them know recycling is important to you.  Scroll down for more information.

Tipping Fee Proposal

Our Proposal

We propose a tipping fee be set on waste put into Landfill 33 at the statutory maximum of $1.27/ton. The breakdown for spending is as follows:

• 25% to the Effingham County Health Department for administration costs.

• 20% to Community Services. These funds would support some of the waste

management needs identified in the community survey, including a yard

waste drop off, electronic recycling events, hazardous waste collection

events, and semi annual glass recycling drives.

• 20% to Educational Program Grants. These funds would be given to

community organizations, such as the Boy Scouts, 4-H, senior centers, nature

centers, libraries, schools, etc. to support environmental education for all


• 35% to Recycling Subsidies. With the recycling industry in flux, trying to

support a public recycling program entirely through a tipping fee would be

an unstable solution. A dedicated source of funding to subsidize recycling

services could be used in a number of ways to make recycling services more

accessible to the public as a whole. If Effingham County reaches a point

where recycling services are readily available on the open market, this

percentage should be adjusted up. Potential uses for this slice of the pie:

o Grants to privately sponsored recycling drop offs.

o Expanding drop off locations to smaller communities.

o Providing subsidies for curbside recycling to cap costs for senior

citizens, with the funds being paid to any participating hauler who

offers curbside recycling at a discounted/capped rate for senior

citizens. Amounts paid to each hauler would be based on market


The percentages provided above are a guideline only for how the funds from a

tipping fee may be best used to serve the needs of Effingham County. As costs and needs change over the years, the percentages can be easily adjusted to meet changing circumstances. And, with the creation of a Solid Waste Management Fund, the county will be well situated to plan and save for high cost items, such as household hazardous waste collections or creating a yard waste drop off site.

Tipping Fee Basics & Background

Tipping fee funds can be used for environmental and recycling efforts only.   

In 2012, the Effingham County Board voted in favor of collecting a tipping fee, however an amount was never set and therefore no money was ever collected.

A Waste Management Committee was formed to determine the outcome of that ordinance. 

It has been in these meetings that the Landfill 33 representative stated that once he applies for a landfill expansion permit, then he will "allow" the board to set and collect the fee.  He has submitted his expansion application to the IEPA twice and his application has been returned twice due to lack of a confirmation letter from the siting authority - the Effingham County Board.

As the collection of money (roughly $100,000/yr) keeps getting delayed, Effingham Recycles founder, Sarah Ruholl Sehy, drafted a tipping fee plan and presented it to the Waste Management Committee on June 18 and encouraged them to move forward with the setting and collecting of the fee.

On July 15, 2019, that committee recommended to the full board to set a tipping fee amount of $1/ton of waste dumped in Landfill 33.  

The board failed to make a motion to approve that amount.

The tipping fee ordinance is still on the books, and we will keep fighting for an amount to be set and collected.  If this is important to you, scroll down for a list of Effingham County Board members and their contacts.  Let him/her know how you feel.

About Us


What is Effingham Recycles?

We are a citizen based group working to promote existing recycling resources and bring additional resources to our community.  We love Effingham and want to see it lead the way in green initiatives for central Illinois.  


Recycle like there is no tomorrow.

Keeping Effingham a wonderful place to live means increasing the community's efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.  We want Effingham to be a community with environmentally progressive policies and habits that enhance health and quality of life.


The quality of our environment effects everyone.

If you have ideas, questions or concerns about anything "green", please let us know.  We want to build partnerships throughout the community to continue to make Effingham a great place to live.  Scroll down to receive updates and share your ideas.  

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Take Action

What can I do to help recycling efforts?

We get this question all the time from people in our community.  Besides the actual recycling, you can lend support for tipping fees.   

What is a tipping fee?

Broadly, any charge on waste brought to a landfill, recycling center, or other disposal facility. The State of Illinois has a law allowing local government units to levy a tipping fee on landfills within their jurisdiction.  Trash haulers who dump the waste they collect into the landfill pay the fee based on the weight of their load. The statutory maximum rate is $1.27 per ton.  Revenue from that fee can then be spent on certain environmental projects, including education, environmental cleanups, and, of course, recycling.  

Effingham County is one of only three counties in Illinois that does not. An ordinance adopting the tipping fee was passed several years ago, but no amount has been set.    

Last year, the Effingham County Board created a waste management subcommittee to consider and recommend a course of action on the fee: either set an amount or repeal the ordinance all together. A final decision was put on hold.

Who is my county board member?

It is important to let our elected officials know that recycling is important to our community. We can let them know that we want an amount set and the tipping fees implemented. Information is posted to the right regarding the districts and representatives. Please feel free to reach out to them. If you are unsure on which district you belong to, please follow this link to map that outlines the districts. 

http://www.co.effingham.il.us/sites/default/files/gis/brd_dist_prec_forwebsite.pdf (If you are reading this on a mobile device, please visit our website on a computer to see a complete list of county board members.)

Upcoming Events

TBD: Electronic Recycling Events!

Electronic Recycling events are being planned for 2020.  Details coming soon!

2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! We are busy planning exciting events to celebrate.  Can't wait to share with you!  


Contact Us

We would love to hear your thoughts on recycling in Effingham!

Please visit our Facebook page for more info about our efforts. Photos by Tytia Habing. Logo by Casey Tibbs.

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