Local Recycling Services


Centenary United Methodist Church

Drop off clear  plastic  (water  and  soda  bottles),  opaque milk  jugs  and  corrugated  cardboard  in  the  appropriate bins. It  is  important  that  only  broken down corrugated  cardboard  is  put  in  the  bin.   The church provides this service for free.  Please consider a small donation when dropping off.  Address: 203 E Grove, Effingham. 

Electronics Recycling

We'll add e-recycling events as dates are set.  In the meantime Goodwill (1004 N. Keller Dr.) accepts various electronics during business hours.  Check this list to see what they accept.  

Recycling a TV

Unfortunately recycling a TV is not easy.  TVs contain many toxic materials like mercury and lead.  Old tube TVs can contain as much as 6 pounds of lead! These factors make it so important to properly dispose of the TVs, but also mean that a cost is unavoidable.  Jansen's Computers, Landfill 33 and SDS Technology will recycle old TVs.  Please contact them directly about cost.   


The Teutopolis Paper Depot located at Garrett Street (west of St. Francis Church) accepts magazines, office paper, paper bags and shredded paper.  Please remove fastening devices (paper clips - metal or plastic) and do not include envelopes with clear windows. 


Davis Recycling, Interstate Battery (will accept car batteries too), Menards, Jansen's Computers all will accept batteries.  Please call the business for details. 

Plastic Bags

Walmart, Martin's IGA and Kohls accept plastic bags.  Please do not put them in the recycling bins!  They are not recyclable with normal plastics.  They can cause damage to the equipment.  Please only recycle at receptacles specific to plastic bags.  Better yet, take along your own reusable bags

Aluminum, Copper, Brass

TNT Recycling, Davis Recycling and McMahon Recycling accept these metals, sometimes for purchase.  Call the business directly for details.   

More Ways to Recycle



In Effingham, Menards will recycle lightbulbs.  Outside of Effingham, you can go to ACE Hardware or Home Depot.

Appliances (not TVs)

TNT Recycling and Landfill 33 will accept refrigerators, stoves, etc.  Please call the business directly for details.  

Cell phones

The following businesses will accept old cell phones: Jansen's Computers, SDS Computers, Verizon, Goodwill and TNT Recycling. There are many national charities that accept old cell phones. (Cell Phones for Soliders, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.)

Used Eyeglasses

Used eyeglasses may be dropped off at the Lions Club and the Walmart Vision Center.

The Idea Store

Check out The Idea Store in Champaign. This store is serious about reusing! Do you have random items that could be reused by someone else?  This may be the place to take them.  Be sure to check the website to make sure your items are currently being accepted.  

Please note:  The above information is correct as of August 2019.  All information was verified via the business's website or by speaking to the business directly.  Info shared is subject to change. 

Recycling Map