Sarah Ruholl Sehy


Sarah, an Effingham-based attorney, decided to start Effingham Recycles on the day she was sworn into the Illinois Bar in November 2016. 

Searching for a community service project that fit her interests and skills, she hit upon recycling as an issue that needed focused leadership. The dedicated and talented team that assembled itself has been better than she ever hoped.

Joanna Davies


Having grown up in Effingham and now as the owner of local retail store, Fresh Digs, Joanna Davies has a vested interest in this community.

Being an avid reuser and recycler all her life, the frustration over the lack of recycling options in Effingham has lead her to dedicate her time to finding local solutions through her work as part of the Effingham Recycles team.

Amanda Maag


Amanda brings her years of human resource and corporate leadership experience to the team.  Her passion stems from being the mom to three amazing children.  She hopes that the efforts of community groups like this inspire the next generation to make recycling a priority.  

Bill Elving

Bill brings years of experience in the recycling industry and a wealth of a knowledge to the team.  He has literally recycled all over the world.  He has shared a plethora of information with the team and continues to motivate and inspire. 

Michael Nosbisch



Michael, an Effingham native, wants to see the continuous growth and improvement of the community, which is why he is working diligently with the Effingham Recycles team. He is finishing his master’s degree in environmental sciences and hopes to use his education and professional experience to assist in the implementation of an updated, community-wide recycling program. 

Kay Grimes

I moved here 18 years ago and was shocked to find Effingham did not have an organized recycling program. We have utilized the limited services offered, but we are reaching a critical point for action. We need to educate all age groups that our daily choices in the materials we use matter. Change can be very simple, but it needs to be thoughtful and deliberate. My favorite quote is from Dr. Suess from the Lorax “ Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”